Episode 1: The Beginning of a Journey
Episode 2: The Sequel
Episode 3: Heavy Breathing
Episode 4: Private Quarters
Episode 5: Wake up and smell the podcast! (The ever famous “ManScum” episode!)
Episode 6: Full of hot air
Episode 7: Lower in sodium, same great taste!
Episode 8: Everyone gets Naked!
Episode 9: There’s No Right Way to Hit a Woman.
Episode 10: We’re in the bedroom, but we aren’t Sleeping!

Episode 142: Tenacious Dan

Private Quarters Episode: Who Watches the Watchers


Dan’s going to Blizzcon and he’s excited!

Our daughter has Bieber Fever and our son is addicted to Plants Vs. Zombies
Just another strange day in the life of Dan and Cj.

Sorry, I would have written more shownotes, but I was busy texting all my friends and being a Social Media goddess.

Next Episode: The Bonding


PodcampAZ 2010

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Episode 141: Are You Human, or are you Dancer? or Prancer? or Vixen?

Private Quarters Episode: The Survivors.  Bieber Fever, our kid has it, “He is so sad and CUTE”. Cj doesn’t want to think about Justin Bieber in the shower. Dan is human, Cj is Dancer. Revin’ up for PodCampAZ2010 and Blizzcon. Dan is growing his hair out, and Cj isn’t happy about it. Next Episode: Who Watches the Watchers

Shelly from Shelly’s Podcast

Episode 140: San Diego Comicon 2010

Private Quarters Episode: The Ensigns of Command . With special guest, Debbie, co-host of the fabulous Evo @ 11, we take you on a wild ride through the San Diego Comic-Con. From the Street Signs, to the Hostel, to the San Diego Trolley line. Cj and Debbie take you on a wild romp through video games, Pokemon, and crazy FoodCast Adventures Featuring: Yard House, Cafe Diem, Rama Thai, Old Town Mexican Cafe and J.R. Murdock!

Next Episode: The Survivors


Phoenix Comicon
San Diego Comic-Con
Chase Masterson
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Episode 139: Don’t Poker Face, Just Dance

Private Quarters Episode: Evolution

Be vewwy vewwy quiet… we are hunting podcasters! Dan and Cj have been captured being silly! FoodCasting about Dave’s Electric Brewpub and poorly made drinks at College Dropouts… Whee! Comicon talk (more to come in the future we forgot SOOO much stuff here!) We both have jobs. Our kids are silly. We review some movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakwal, Toy Story 3, and Honey I Blew up the Kid. We talk about Lady Gaga and Swimming and the Weather. It’s all very exciting. Very very exciting indeed.

Next Episode: The Ensigns of Command


Phoenix Comicon

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Patrick Stewart knighted today.

Today, June 2nd, 2010, Patrick Stewart was knighted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

Sir Patrick said his knighthood  had been “an unlooked-for honor”

How cool is it that both Professor X and Magneto have been knighted?

Episode 138: Boob-Shirts and Buttcrack


Private Quarters Episode: Shades of Grey. It’s been a long month for us, and the show is suffering. Betcha you are excited for a new episode of LLAP!

Lotsa fun to be had here; this episode of TNG wasn’t the greatest, but, we get to start season 3 next episode! YAY!

We review Hot Tub Time Machine, Buttcrack the Movie, and Dan is on Atkins again.

Next week: Evolution

Here’s the link to the “Back to the Future video”. College Humor won’t let me embed it.

Episode 137: What Does it Mean to “Bust a Nut”?

Private Quarters Episode: Peak Performance

It’s another LLAP with Scotty J! I wanted to go through the archives to see how many times he has been on now, we have totally lost track. Extra brownie points to someone who can tell us for sure how many times it has been.

This week we mourn the death of our voicemail line. Micheal in Boston chimes in, Uncle Brian calls in and swears, and Benjamin admits he doesn’t know what “Red Mattter” is.

Next week: Shades of Grey

Episode 136: Young Scotty Trumps Young Spock in Round Two

Private Quarters Episode: Star Trek The Movie (on DVD)

Dan and Cj re-viewed and then re-reviewed Star Trek, the Movie – not the Motion Picture. Other areas of discussion include, but are not limited to the Tooth Fairy, plants that come home with children, crazy doctor appointments, and a certain birthday boy. Cj reviews (only for the 1st time) How to Train Your Dragon. Foodcast includes a trip to the local bread store and tids and bits at Howl at the Moon in Scottsdale.

Next Episode: Peak Performance



Nothing to see here, Captain.

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