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Episode 135: Worf’s Right to Bare Arms

Private Quarters Episode: The Emissary. Greetings loyal Love Long and Prosper listeners! Remember that one time we had Shannon on the show? No? Well well then, pay attention this time! Shannon drops in after a long day of work to […]

Episode 134: Nacho Ordinary Podcast Episode

Private Quarters Episode: Manhunt. We welcome our special guests and good friends, Melissa and Dave, from Maricopa. They blub blub blub better than anyone! We love a Lwaxana episode! FoodCast: Nachos. Nachos. Nachos. Dan and Cj: the Dating Years. Dan used […]

Episode 133: Love Long and Prosper: RAW

Private Quarters Episode: Up The Long Ladder. Thank you for joining us for this fine episode of Love Long and Prosper. Would you care to join us in a Star Trek related game of 20 questions? How about some expensive Asian […]

Episode 132: Deploy the Crimson Shield

Private Quarters Episode: Samaritan Snare Hello LLAP listeners! Thanks for listening! This weeks show is good stuff, and we talk about Trek, alot. We both have dayjobs, so the extra content is a little on the sparse side. I wanna […]

Episode 131: Q is Star Trek Plot Spackle

Private Quarters Episode: Q Who It’s like a holiday for Cj because it’s a Q episode. So, she announced it on Twitter and one similarly excited Amy Bowen said something like, “Hey! Me too! Me too!” So, we are excited […]

Episode 130: Did the Needle Make the Pain in your Knee Dull?

Private Quarters Episode: Pen Pals Hello LLAP LListeners, thanks for tuning in for another of yours an my favoritest Star Trek CoupleCast based out of Mesa, Arizona! This week we watched a nifty Prime Directive episode, next week, we get “Q” […]

Episode 129: Law and Order SUV

Private Quarters Episode: The Icarus Factor This episode was made of suck. I’m talking about the Trekisode, not the LLAPisode. Duh. Cj starts a new job as an Anbo-Jitsu instructor and then collapses in a heap due to a knee […]

Episode 128: Dan and Cj are Smashable

Private Quarters Episode: Time Squared Watch out! ScottyJ is in the house! Three’s Company, In Living Color, SCTV and other topics come up. Some Post PodcampAZ chatter. Cj loses her voice again. FoodCast: Sekai Sushi and In N’ Out Burger. Next […]

Episode 127: Don’t Bring a Crappy Book With You Into SPACE!

Private Quarters Episode: The Royale PodCampAZ is this weekend. Don’t forget to check it out if you are in town or find us online. Watch our tweets Saturday and Sunday. FoodCast: Infected Eyeball cookies. We’ll share some of Sarah’s favorite songs […]

Episode 126: Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?

Private Quarters Episode: Contagion. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – We talk about them. The big changes that are afoot in our life right now. We talk about Dan’s birthday a little bit. For as long as it’s been since we’ve done a show, you’d think […]