Episode 100: The Big Goodbye

Private Quarters Episode: The Big GoodBye. (Courtesy of ScottyJ and Andy Bilodeau – Thanks Guys! You rock!)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

This is our 100th episode and we just want to say thank you to everyone who listened, participated, put up with, shared with, and enjoyed Love Long and Prosper. It’s been an amazing 100 episodes. Our life has changed completely because of this podcast and while the podcast may be about Star Trek and Us, it’s all of you that make it so much fun!

Next Week: Datalore


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Dinner or Disaster
Evo@11 Podcast

StarFleet Message Center:

Matt from Pizza Go Here
Redboy and Absolute Amy from The Redboy Podcast
Steve from the WickedGood Podcast
Jason Tucker from TuckerTales
Barely from Barely Podcasting
Andy from the Andycast
Jennifer from the MyTakeOnThat Podcast
Cj’s Brother, Brian
The Computer King from Into The Dark

E-mail from Craig, Donald, and Ashley – Thanks!

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