Episode 103: Excellent is the New Awesome

Private Quarters Episode: 11001001. Congratulations to newlyweds Julie and Steve! Cj drones on and on about her hair, her books, her other-worldly escapades into randomness. Dan’s child’s mouth is amazing. Thank you Aquafresh. FoodCast: Wedding food, Broadway Palm food and frolic.

Next Week: Too Short a Season

Galaxy Links
Thank you Andy from the Andycast for this link – Star Trek as The A Team
Thank you Crystal for this link – http://www.celestis.com/
Thank you to Big Brother Brian for this story link – http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/odd_klingon_robbery

StarFleet Message Center:

Cargo Ship Captain Don
Anime Expert Dan on Tap from Life on Tap
Wicked Good Steve
Michael from Boston
The Computer King
Tim from For Whatever Reason
Rob from Cincinnati
Tim from Tastes Like Burning

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