Episode 110: Gimmie that Fish. No, I want a Truck!

Private Quarters Episode: Symbiosis

Yes, we are still playing WoW. Cj is the most fun person to shop with ever. Check out ScottyJ’s new podcast. FoodCast, Edible Easter Grass , What is YOUR Favorite Easter candy? The Monastery where you can go out to dinner and cook your own food. Bar hoppin’ Fun. Happy Birthday to Barely and Crystal. Danthol.com can only improve.

Next Week: Skin of Evil

StarFleet Message Center:
Shelly from Shelly’s Podcasts
Pannisrahl and BunnyFruFru from Florida
An e-mail from Cj’s Mom
Cousin Julie in Texas
Derek from Lunchbag Art
Michael in Boston
Paul Maki
Matt from the Redboy Podcast
Robby D from Cincinnati

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