Episode 124: Mommy, I mean, Daddy

Private Quarters Episode: The Measure of a Man. Deadpan was the way this past week. Thank you to everyone who traveled to the smokin’ hot land of Arizona to celebrate the Deadpan Palooza Festi-BBQ etc. with us! We had a blast! Dan gets a birthday present WAY early. What a lucky guy he is! Dan rants and raves about Barbie Girl and other sell-outs and then ponders how to become one. We watched some Flesh Gordon thanks to Terry Tee from A Quiet Time podcast. Thanks, Terry! What are your favorite movies from your childhood? Call and let us know! Did you ever watch them back-to-back? And other stuffs.

Next Week: The Dauphin

StarFleet Message Center:
Andy from The Andycast and ROFLWoW
Cousin Julie from Family-land
1st time caller, Allison from Los Angeles
Chrystal from The Life of SpaGuysWife
Terry Tee from A Quiet Time Podcast


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