Episode 125: Kinsey Insisted on a Most Homo-Erotic Moment

Private Quarters Episode: The Dauphin. ZOMG! Kinsey from Tvindy Time, Brazilianisms, and many many voicemails from previous episodes of LLAP actually came to Arizona and joined us for a super-extra-special episode of Love Long and Prosper. We were so excited, I don’t even remember what we talked about! Well, there was some Star Trek in there somewhere and Dan was upset about leftover chocolate. We learned a little about Brazilian Star Trek. FoodCast: Julio’s Too and AJ’s Fancy Shmancy Market. Someone fell asleep though and it wasn’t Dan. We reminisced about the good old days on Stickam. We had fun! Thanks to Kinsey and his lovely wife for coming to visit!

Next Week: Contagion


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