Episode 131: Q is Star Trek Plot Spackle

Private Quarters Episode: Q Who

It’s like a holiday for Cj because it’s a Q episode. So, she announced it on Twitter and one similarly excited Amy Bowen said something like, “Hey! Me too! Me too!” So, we are excited to announce that this episode has special guest co-host, Amy Bowen, the Deadpan Ambassador as well as the author and narrator of the The Questors from Effpiem. After we re-visit the fabulous Q episode, we talk about Christmas gifts, crazy kids, new jobs, and other exciting things. We wish you all a very happy new year and invite you to email, call us, or leave a comment letting us know what your best Christmas present was this year! It Could be something you gave, something you received, or you can just whine about something that didn’t happen. Really, I’m just checking to see if anyone reads this stuff!

Next Week’s Episode: Samaritan Snare

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