Episode 134: Nacho Ordinary Podcast Episode

Private Quarters Episode: Manhunt. We welcome our special guests and good friends, Melissa and Dave, from Maricopa. They blub blub blub better than anyone! We love a Lwaxana episode! FoodCast: Nachos. Nachos. Nachos. Dan and Cj: the Dating Years. Dan used to smell bad. We have a chat room and we try not to bore you. We mention the Deadpan meetup. Ya know it’s all very exciting. Wahoo.

Next Episode: The Emissary


Nothing to see here, Captain.

StarFleet Message Center:

Mot The Barber (via email)
Michael from Boston (via Twitter)
Tim from Tastes like Burning (via email)

Audio is missing from this episode. We have the computers scanning all databases for this lost transmission.

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