Episode 37: Oh baby, take me shopping!

Private Quarters Episode: Friday’s Child Cherylyn talks too much about her California journey and all the crazy people, drivers, guns, fashions and Radio Shack employees out there. Jesus, is that you on the median? Dan gets physical. We discuss what some freakazoid considers the top 5 worst Christmas movies. We have a lot of feedback and now we are asking for more!Here are your assignments:
#1. We will be having a Star Trek Season Ender Awards Show!! We’d like to know what categories would be interesting to you. (ie. Best Captain, Best Romantic Moment, Best Fight Scene etc..) Please email your suggestions to lovelongandprosper@gmail.com.

#2. Call our voice mail line at 206-338-LLAP (5527) and sing us a verse of a well known Christmas Carol. Just one little verse, that’s all we are asking for.


Next Weeks Show: Who Mourns for Adonais?

Music: A Harry Potter Christmas by Joel Kopischke

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