Episode 38: Princes of Matzoi!

Private Quarters Episode: Who Mourns for Adonais? Star Trek Convention vs. Podcast Expo. What to do. What to do. Anyone wanna bunk with us? The kids were sick. Dan disassembles the carseat and washes it. New TV in 10 Items or Less. Game Show Identity encourages racial stereotyping and we love it! Family Photo Adventuring after having Breakfast with Santa. Santa was really good to Dan this year. Our next door neighbor makes really yummy tamales. Mexican food ROCKS for any holiday! Okay, okay, so we didn’t coin the word “Podcrastinating”, but we still are guilty of it.
Here is your assignment (And Oh by the way.. you are late turning this in!):
#1. We will be having a Star Trek Season Ender Awards Show!! We’d like to know what categories would be interesting to you. (ie. Best Captain, Best Romantic Moment, Best Fight Scene etc..) Please email your suggestions to lovelongandprosper@gmail.com.Next Weeks Show: Amok Time

Music: Holiday by The Brother Machine

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