Episode 40: Bazoombahs!

Private Quarters Episode: The Doomsday Machine.
Dan tells stories about how he pierced himself with unsanitary items. Dan and Cj disagree during a review of Eragon. Dan complains about movie theater prices. We complain about the cold. We complain about local thievery. Sarah starts preschool but, she won’t use the potty! We have a couple of SNL real-life moments. We talk about the most recent Arizona Podcaster Meetup. FoodCast: Gummy Bears aren’t Kosher? We join a fruit and veggie co-op and we taste test the Salty Senorita. Cherylyn really does love Dan. American Idol has begun!
Music: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by William Shatner.
Next Weeks Show: Wolf in the FoldOther Podcasts Mentioned:

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Grammar Girl
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Arizona Podcasters
Salty Senorita

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