Episode 42: Life, the Universe and Everything!

Private Quarters Episode: The Changeling.
Dan didn’t like this episode. Cj gets to see a movie and gives a little review. We are looking forward to Jericho but haven’t watched it yet. We are too busy watching American Idol. Dan celebrates Black History Month. We share some Valentines. FoodCast: Applebees has issues. Cj can’t turn her head to the right. Kids are loitering the streets and Cj is 55 years old today. We play some voice mails. Cousin Julie wins our What is Sarah Saying segment but, we haven’t recorded her “prize” yet. Don’t forget to be the first commenter on this episode!Be sure to vote for your favorite shows at the Podcast Peer Awards!Music: So Long & Thanks for All the Fish by Hilary Summers, Kemi Ominiyi.Next Weeks Show: The Apple.

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