Love Long and Prosper


A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 16: One to the 4th power is still just one.

Private Quarters: Court Marshal. In this very toasty episode we review the Disney/Pixar movie, Cars. We confuse Wonderbug with Speed Buggy (and Tinker.) A Very Special Litter-Ature… Dan and Cj can’t hear the new ringtone, yes we can, no we […]

Episode 15: Family Comes First

Private Quarters Episode: The Galileo Seven. Happy Father’s Day! We are coming to you from Safford, AZ! In this shorter-than-usual show we talk about our adventures at the YMCA in the ghetto and sweet old ladies at the supermarket. We […]

Episode 12: Androids Don’t Need to Eat.

Private Quarters episode: What Are Little Girls Made Of? In all its Chocolaty goodness! Why Love Long and Prosper? We Love Trek, that’s why! Dan talks about his crush on Professor McGonagall. Cj’s turning 37 next weekend! America’s Home Videos […]

Episode 11: Do You Quinch Your Lips When You Say Moo?

Private Quarters episode: Balance of Terror. American Idol, The Office, Comedy Shows, Being Skyped, The Podcast Expo, Visting Relatives, Memorial Day BBQ’n, World of Warcrack and our new Litter-Ature segment make up the squishy goodness that is this weeks podcast. […]

Episode 9: There’s No Right Way to Hit a Woman.

Happy Mother’s Day! We dish the dirt on American Idol, Landscapers, and people who shouldn’t be throwing things at moving vehicles. We explain the Febreze commercial and analyze the My Little Pony phenomenon. We’ve been adopted by The Big Show. […]

Episode 8: Everyone gets Naked!

This episode brings you Private Quarters “The Naked Time”. Cherylyn talks about her headache, Fletcher’s 6 month appointment, and sends birthday wishes to Gram and Olivia. We also talk about how 2 year old Sarah doesn’t like to wear clothes […]

Episode 7: Lower in sodium, same great taste!

This weeks Private Quarters features The Man Trap. This week Dan and Cj talk about Benchwarmers, Greek food, coffee, weeds, beads and teething. Just a lazy Sunday chat about nothing particularly important. Trying not to say anything offensive and failing […]

Episode 6: Full of hot air

Episode 6 of Love Long and Prosper covers all kinds of fun topics! We have our new “FoodCast” segment, we’ll read some listener mail and of course visit our Private Quarters (Mudd’s Women.) Listen in as we go off on […]