Love Long and Prosper


A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 5: Wake up and smell the podcast!

This episode of Love Long and Prosper features another episode of Private Quarters (The Corbonite Maneuver.) We are feeling healthier this week and have a lot of fun chatting it up! We talk about Easter Festivities, Family, Food and Fun! […]

Episode 4: Private Quarters

We are officially a month into the podcast now. As I type this, episode 4 of the ” Love Long and Prosper ” podcast is encoding in the Audacity software. We have our first official segment this episode, listening in […]

Episode 3: Heavy Breathing

Wow. I really need to get a setup so we can hear ourselves while we are recording! This is a warning to all you out there in podcast land: Dan is a mouth breather. This episode may be difficult to […]

Episode 2: The Sequel

Wow. What a fun podcast this is! We talk about Bill Shatners 75th birthday, Star Trek about to be turning 40, braking for animals (or not), crazy old people, crazy young people (our kids), and Cherylyn’s exciting “Devil” dream among […]

Episode 1: The Beginning of a Journey

Here it is! In our first episode we talk a little Trek, review “American Pie Presents: Band Camp”, “Curious George”, and poke a little fun at each other. The audio still has some issues, but we hope you enjoy it […]

Pilot Episode Podcast

Here is the Pilot episode! The audio is a little rough, we are in the early phases learning this whole podcasting thing. 🙂 Enjoy the show, and make sure to leave us a note in the comment section. Tra-la la!