Love Long and Prosper


A Star Trek Podcast

Episode 126: Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?

Private Quarters Episode: Contagion. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – We talk about them. The big changes that are afoot in our life right now. We talk about Dan’s birthday a little bit. For as long as it’s been since we’ve done a show, you’d think […]

Episode 125: Kinsey Insisted on a Most Homo-Erotic Moment

Private Quarters Episode: The Dauphin. ZOMG! Kinsey from Tvindy Time, Brazilianisms, and many many voicemails from previous episodes of LLAP actually came to Arizona and joined us for a super-extra-special episode of Love Long and Prosper. We were so excited, I don’t even remember […]

Episode 124: Mommy, I mean, Daddy

Private Quarters Episode: The Measure of a Man. Deadpan was the way this past week. Thank you to everyone who traveled to the smokin’ hot land of Arizona to celebrate the Deadpan Palooza Festi-BBQ etc. with us! We had a blast! Dan gets […]

Episode 123: That’s What She Said: Supplemental

Private Quarters Episode: A Matter of Honor. What a week we’ve had! We saw movies, hung out with friends, ate delicious food and received some awesome voicemails and other stuff. Plan 9 From Outer Space is great with RiffTrax formerly from MST3K, […]

Episode 122: Extreme Brains and Blood. Period.

Private Quarters Episode: Unnatural Selection. Special Guests Michelle and Dan from the Out of the Coffin Podcast join us for some crazy fun! They are excellent. Why does Cj go to Big Lots? What is the name of the Best Blood Recipe Book […]

Episode 121: Tainted Love (Worlds Apart)

Private Quarters Episode: The Schizoid Man One Tree Hill? No, we don’t watch that. Pie? Yes. It’s better. RiffTrax – We are going. Check the link for a theater in your area: Hey you!? Are you local? Go with us. […]

Episode 120: Here Come the Geico Cavemen

Private Quarters Episode:  Loud as a Whisper Special Guests: Jack Mangan and his rock-hard abs from Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast Do all men who have neckbeards love Linux? Linus? Obuntu? What do you do with your empty Pepsi cans? Throw them at […]

Episode 119: Enterprise Girls are Easy

Private Quarters Episode: The Outrageous Okona So, you want some Love Long and Prosper do you? You want it real good? They should make Okona coffee and Johnny Depp should serve it in nothing, but an apron. I was just […]

Episode 118: Saucer Shaped Sections

Private Quarters Episode: Elementary, Dear Data Well, golly sugar lumps and crumpets! This episode is cheeeeesy! The Star Trek episode, not the part with the Dan and Cj. Strange things are afoot at the local 7 Eleven and don’t you […]